Brave Space Alliance has partnered with Howard Brown and the Broadway Youth Center to offer a a drop-in mental health center for our community.

All services will be offered on a sliding cost scale.

Services include:

  • Counseling and therapy
  • Psych Services
  • Referrals
  • Letters and Affidavits for birth certificate and ID changes


One-third of trans individuals live on less than $10,000 per year. Black and Brown individuals are rarely, if ever, targeted by, or taught about, investment, financial wellness, or financial building block programs. For every $100 White families have accumulated in wealth, Black families hold only $5.04. Data does not exist for the further impacts that queer and/or trans identity has on these statistics, but Brave Space Alliance is being proactive!

In order to combat the severe wealth disparities and financial insecurities experienced by QTIPOC folks, BSA offers monthly programs on financial wellness, investment, and wealth accumulation.



Acquiring healthy and sustainable food can be an extreme challenge for many individuals on the South and West sides of Chicago. Food deserts mean folks rarely have the opportunity to go to a well-stocked grocery store. This is especially true for LGBTQ individuals on the South and West sides, who face additional economic violence, and often have to exist at the perilous intersection of living in poverty in a place where fresh food is hard to find.

To help our community begin to address this economic and nutrition-based crisis, Brave Space Alliance offers monthly programming on healthy cooking, buying food on a budget, and how to make what you’re able to purchase last as long as possible.



Finding stable, affirming, and sustainable employment is one of the biggest challenges currently faced by LGBTQ individuals, especially LGBTQ individuals of color. To combat the particular violence done by capitalism and in order to help our communities find ways to sustain themselves and survive under capitalism, Brave Space Alliance is proud to offer a full cyber center with job services programming.

BSA is available weekdays from 9-5 to help fill out an application, compose a cover letter or resume, or prepare for an interview. Monthly programming will be available for members of the community who are not able to access our cyber center during regular operational hours.



We see and hold the artists and creators in our community close, and seek to provide a space that honors all parts of our identities as humans, beyond our gender and sexuality.

We are proud to offer multiple creative spaces in our 58th Street location, including resources like a full recording studio and audio/visual content creation space, an artists workshop room and a large mainroom with instruments such as a piano and drums for public use.


Safe Souls believes in the sanctity and preservation of life. We value justice and safety to give people the opportunity to feel confident, secure and competent in defending themselves, while seeing the humanity in their opponent. We are against the use of force and violence as a means to dominate, control, oppress or subjugate. We are for human rights and people’s right to feel healthy, free, safe and capable to protect themselves and their loved ones.



Brave Space Alliance currently offers four support groups for members of the trans and gender non-conforming communities:

  • Trans Women Support Group
  • Trans Men Support Group
  • Non-binary and Gender Non-Conforming Support Group
  • General Support Group


Info coming soon!



Brave Space Alliance is more than just a resource and community center; we are a staging ground for community organizing and activism for the queer and trans community. Currently collaborating with Brave Space Alliance are two organizing collectives working to empower and liberate trans communities in Chicago: The BTGNC Collective & the Trans Liberation Collective.

If you are involved in community organizing or activism for queer and trans communities and want to partner with Brave Space Alliance, please get in contact with our staff


The Mystical Beehive provides beekeeping services to the community, including bee catching and education. We promote natural practices to protect and preserve honey bees while creating sustainable entrepreneurial opportunities.