Brave Space Alliance offers a comprehensive suite of trainings for organizations, groups, collectives, and individuals who are looking to learn. We support individuals and organizations who are hoping to build networks and strategies to dismantle oppression in all forms.

Workshops are available on a sliding scale depending on the length of training, the number of people who are planning to attend, and the budget of the organization requesting the training

Check out our offerings and request a training from Brave Space Alliance below:

Human Resources and Liberation in the Workplace: Anti-Racist and Pro-Trans HR Training

This training tackles how to address a key problem in hiring and workplace culture: White and Cis Supremacy. The workshop breaks down how to develop an actively anti-racist and pro-trans hiring process, and how to create a workplace culture that centers the needs of Black and Brown queer and trans people. 

Out of the Closet and Into The Streets: A Comprehensive Sexuality 101

This training is ideal for an organization needing help with both truly beginner-level concepts of LGBTQ identity and diversity, and one looking to refresh their sexuality training. The workshop takes a traditional LGBTQ 101 and conducts it from a sexualiy analysis, breaking down identities, LGBTQ history, and sexuality as it relates to gender. 

Understanding Transness: A Comprehensive Trans 101 (best if done in conjunction with Trans 201)

This training is ideal for an organization looking to create a culture of trans affirmation and centered around the unique needs of trans people in service provision, in the workplace, and in everyday life. The workshop breaks down basic ideas about gender, dos and don’ts of interacting with trans people, the difference between sex and gender, and the diversity of trans experience. 

Understanding Trans Lives and Liberation: A Trans 201 (best if done in conjunction with Trans 101)

This training is created for an audience looking to advance their trans competence, or gain a deeper understanding of the lived experiences of trans people. It is an ideal companion training for our Trans 101, described above. The workshop addresses the complexities of transphobia and how the world is build to cater to cisgender people, as well as breaking down how to achieve trans liberation, and a history of the trans liberation movement. 

Anti-Racism from a Black Trans Liberation Perspective

This training is aimed at building an anti-racist praxis specifically by dismantling anti-Blackness societally and interpersonally, and addressing racism through a trans liberation lens. The workshop addresses the foundational history of race, gender, racism, and gender policing, and how to effectively fight back against those forms of oppression. 

Decolonization from a Pan-Africanist, Trans Liberatory Perspective

This training looks at the construction of power structures and expands on how a decolonized mindset is a medium for expanding a personal and collective vision for a new world independent of what we know and experience today. The training is an ideal complement to our anti-racism training above.